Terri, we are so grateful you were such an integral part of this incredible journey in our lives. Not only were you such a  positive presence during Willa’s birth, but you were able to help us strengthen and find more meaning with each other as partners and now as parents. In the beginning, a home birth was important to us mostly due to our strong aversion to birthing in a hospitial- we had no idea how special and rewarding it would be to bring our child into the world our own way. Thank you for helping the three of us find our way.
— Jen and Greg

Dear Terri and Carol, thank you so much for all your support during my pregnancy and birth. It was an incredible experience and I am grateful to have had your guidance throughout it all. Gabriel and I are doing fantastic and are so happy to have had you with us.
— Sally

I am so grateful that our time and place overlapped here so that you could tend to us and guide us through our first pregnancy and birth. Your time and attention is such a gift and we much appreciate your loving presence and healing presence and your devotion to helping women have beautiful, positive birth experiences. We certainly did and it was a super special birth at home, outside, on a most beautiful day. And I loved that the whole prenatal process included care for my physical, emotional and mental well being. It is such a relief to release with ease that which no longer servers...and to move on to flow with new life -our son, Maayan Chadash -a new spring flowing forth. Many blessings!
— Rachel, Nick and Maayan

Terri Simmons and her depth of knowledge, compassion, and patience is a true gift to any mother and baby. She came to my first home birth, right before I was going to be transferred to the hospital. I had seen her for a few appointments before my son was born, because she was filling in for my midwife. During my birth she was called in as back-up and to see if there was any way she could do something to help my stalled birth along. She came in with a loving presence but firmly told me what I needed to do. She saved my homebirth, with amazing confidence. She took care of me in my postpartum days, visiting my home, so I wouldn’t have to leave. She was my midwife with my second child, and helped me understand how to be more present and strong during my second birth, which she again attended with loving care. She brings with her a wealth of experiences, above and beyond what you would find in many other midwives. She has studied and worked with Maya communities in Guatemala, as well as other healers and has a wealth of traditional wisdom, to accompany her professional knowledge. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I would be happy to share my experience and thoughts on Terri, with any new perspective clients: sarah@gardensedge.org
— Sarah

My husband and I were extremely excited to have a home birth and after our initial meeting with Terri we knew that we found a beautiful spirit that would coach us through the journey of pregnancy. Terri and Carol were incredible during our prenatal visits; they each inquired and listened to what were on our hearts and minds as parents-to-be, helped us mange fears and expectations and created a protective shield over us. Although our son arrived six (6) weeks early and our home birth plans changed to a hospital birth, Terri was right beside us. I was able to deliver our son vaginally and drug free. She was our advocate, our guide and our safety net during labor, deliver, our two (2) week NICU stay at the hospital and postpartum. Terri exceed our expectation as a midwife and folded into our family unit so seamlessly.  We love you Terri!!!
— Gianna

Beginning our work together early in my pregnancy, I was full of anxiety and doubt as my system detoxified and went through major hormonal shifts.  Terri led me through subtle emotional releases, listened to my questions, and suggested dietary changes. Sometimes, I would become upset, longing for someone who would just tell me what to do, but she stayed her course, always redirecting my attention to what I sensed was right for me.  Though on the surface, I was agitated, my deeper instincts trusted her.  We met many times, during which she gave me Ayurvedic treatments, encouragement, and the opportunity to listen to my baby’s every-growing heart beat.  My pregnancy progressed, and by the end I was feeling more confident, strong, and healthy than I may ever have before.  The anxiety had disappeared and in its place was a steady faith in Terri and knowing of how important her presence at my birth would be.  The day I went into labor, I let her know, and we stayed in touch.  When I was entering active labor, she came to our house.  She, her assistant, and my husband were with me through the six hours of my labor, and she stayed many more hours after our son was born.  Terri’s presence was profound.  Her interventions never interrupted my instinctual flow, but helped me through moments of fear or struckness -listening to our son’s heartbeat, offering essential oils, and speaking words of encouragement.    Most powerful was her unwavering trust in my son and my process.  She protected an atmosphere of sacredness.  After Yasko was born, she lovingly guided us through the first hours of our relationship, getting him latched and feeding, and at last tucking he, my husband, and I into bed.  Over the course of the first weeks of our time together, Terri’s support and presence were so important to my husband and I.  There were so many questions and changes, she was there as much as we needed, both physically visiting our home, and by phone, even reaching out when she hadn’t heard from us.  Her strong advocacy for deep rest after the birth allowed me to ask for support from my husband and parents I never would have otherwise.  Now, ten weeks into my life with Yasko, I have plenty of energy and hear regularly how well rested and healthy I look.   If you want to feel empowered and deeply cared for throughout pregnancy, birth and in the first part of your journey of parenthood, I whole-heartedly recommend Terri.
— Julia

My birth was an incredibly hard journey for me. I think that I had a very skewed idea of what birth was and mistakenly thought that it would be something that would be easy and without any complications whatsoever. I now realize that there is a great sacrifice made by the woman in order for her to bring a child earthside, by whatever means... I am forever thankful for the days and nights that you stayed by my side, and even though the outcome was not at all what either of us was hoping for, your support for me at home, at the hospital, and after I returned was above and beyond. I still feel a connection to you. You helped me along on the hardest journey I have ever had to make. Thank you. Blessings to you and yours
— Emma

Terri Simmons was the perfect midwife for our family. My husband and I, both health professionals, were looking to have a home birth when we became pregnant 4 years ago. Friends we trust very much had recommended her highly and we soon found out why. This was our first pregnancy,  we both wanted it to be as natural as possible and decided on a home birth. Terri was more than happy to accommodate our requests & was very flexible with her approach. Our prenatal visits never felt rushed, she worked me into extra session when I was needing a little extra support for new mama anxiety. Terri’s style was a salve on my jangled nerves...calm, confident and patient. Terri’s expertise was evident and comprehensive handling the medical, interpersonal and the spiritual issues surrounding the pregnancy and birth. When we went into labor a month early, Terri checked in to see what our comfort level was with our birth plan, knowing we always had a hospital back up plan. We decided to continue with our home birth knowing we were in good hands. We had an amazing labor & home birth with Terri’s help.  Despite our baby coming a little bit early, we had exactly what we wanted with the safety of an expert making that possible. Terri continued to take care of Mama & baby postpartum insuring we were safely through the early newborn stages. Even better, Terri was a part of our community and we’re proud to call her our friend to this day...we miss her very much here in Albuquerque.
— Judy, Aaron & Madeleine 
Terri Simmons’ patience and understanding is second to none!  The time that she spends monitoring one’s pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum process is incredible. I have been very impressed with the ease with which she goes about her business. I have also been pleased to meet Carol Poorman Shih, who is currently apprenticing
with Terri. They are both smart, astute, dedicated and have a sense of humor. I am relieved that they have been and are continuing to pay such close attention to my daughter and granddaughter.  I know that the connection, and now friendship, will continue. It is with a thankful and grateful heart that I recommend Terri and Carol.
— Catherine Chadwick
Terri Simmons helped us have our baby our way! When my husband, Asa, and I realized we were having our first baby, we got an ultrasound. We realized that the medical professionals intended to give Asa a token role in our baby’s birth, and that we wanted something more for our growing family—we wanted an intimate birthing experience. We weren’t even aware that we could deliver my baby at home until we talked with Terri. Throughout our pregnancy Terri alleviated our fears by answering our millions of questions. She helped Asa and I focus on the kind of birthing experience that we wanted and for our roles in keeping myself and the baby healthy. She tailored all of her assistance to our specific situation, and our active lifestyle, to help us take control of our pregnancy. We could not have been happier with Terri’s direction throughout our pregnancy! But she really shined in the labor and delivery. Terri was the coolest, calmest, and most reassuring person that I can possibly imagine. She coached my husband, Asa, during the labor so that he was involved—indispensable—to our birthing experience. She helped me to make decisions throughout the labor and delivery to ensure that I was as comfortable as a woman giving birth can be. Labor was intense but Terri remained calm and in control. She stayed with us throughout the night to keep an eye on the baby and an eye on us. She also provided our baby (but mostly us) with aftercare, helping us adjust to our most important roles yet, as parents! Terri said that we would always remember our birthing experience, and she definitely helped to make ours unforgettable! Seeing her in action, we were in awe! It was hard to make the decision to have a homebirth given that it wasn’t the traditional hospital births our families believed we should have. But after seeing her dedication to us and how she treated our baby, everyone was glad that we did things OUR WAY! Terri helped us bring a beautiful and healthy baby into our family, and families. Simply put, Terri is a personable and dependable midwife and a remarkable person to get to share a birthing experience with!
— Jami Petner-Array, PhD
My experience with Terri was something I will always have with me. As a Midwife myself, I knew I would have the challenge of letting pregnancy take its path without “over-midwifing my experience”. Terri really helped me to stay confident in the process and work through any fear or concern I had. Terris presence at the birth was exactly what my partner and I hoped for. She was very present but not invasive and allowed us to have our own experience as we met our son for the first time. The Postpartum support was absolutely loving. The postpartum care was what I needed the most and Terri was always there for anything that came up, physically, mentally and emotionally. She cared for our whole family and was very inclusive of my partner also.
— Rebeka Rose
With the deepest gratitude, Thank You Terri Simmons for being my incredible midwife. Also thanks to Carol for being my much needed Doula. We welcomed Luca onto earth August 3rd, 2015 after 18 hours of labor, under the 13th Blue Moon presence. After this amazing Birthday, we received tons of support and guidance, physically and emotionally, reassuring every moment. With many visits and availability at anytime. They truly helped me make my birth process a magical one, as it should be. This experience will be cherished forever, very easily rising to my top favorite memories. When I met Terri, I instantly knew she was the midwife for me, caring a warm energy and grounding presence. She is extremely intuitive, experienced, knowledgeable and confident. Well rounded, she is wrapped in a plethora of knowledge stemming from many unique sources, medically, culturally and historically. This wise women deeply empowered me to heal and transform as gracefully as possible into motherhood. She helped me feel safe through the entire journey consisting of serious choices and growing pains. Preparing me to flow and grow physically, spiritually and emotionally. Not only does she believe in the divine nature she helps others realize their truth and power in natural course. Terri is a master at holding safe sacred space. With her primal grounded presence, bright light and professionalism, it gives you permission to appreciate this incredible journey; gently reminding us to trust, love and respect ourselves proudly and wholeheartedly. Thank you
— Christy and Baby Luca
I came to Terri at 28 weeks pregnant. I decided to leave my current midwife because I wasn’t feeling supported in the way I needed to be. I was so fortunate to find Terri pretty quickly. I knew immediately that Terri was the one after our first meeting. Her care was so specialized with a holistic approach and she was so generous with her time. I looked forward to our visits and always felt better after seeing her. She encouraged me to explore things and listen to my inner voice. It always felt like we were in it together and sharing the responsibility of the birth which made me feel safe. When my pregnancy went 44 weeks she was at my house almost daily supporting me and helping me navigate such emotional territory. The birth was everything I dreamed of. She held such sacred space for our whole family, it really was amazing. The care that our family received during this whole process was so unique. The attention that me and the baby received during postpartum was so frequent and so attentive. My wish is that all women get to birth in this way. If I had to use one word to describe my experience it would be Empowered!
— Danielle
Terri took care of our family after we had our second son. She was incredible. My husband and I met with her a couple of times before I gave birth so we’d gotten to know her already. She then visited us a few hours after we returned home from the hospital and immediately became a crucial part of our family! She was so reassuring, calm, gentle and considerate: she cared for our whole family in the transition from one to two kids. I was particularly grateful for her advice and support as I started breastfeeding again and her understanding of the demands that came with juggling my professional and parenting roles. Teri treated us holistically and I appreciated this immensely. Her herbal medicines and teas were restorative, she gave me regular adjustments to help with my recovery and she was very easy to talk to about postnatal depression and its effects. Knowing she was there to call on, laugh and even cry with was so reassuring. We are all so grateful and I cannot recommend Terri highly enough!
— Anna x
You know what they say? “ Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?” That was me when I embarked on my pregnancy journey at 40 years old. I was thrilled, amazed, grateful and also terrified. Terri’s care both at the end of pregnancy for energetic work and gentle physical adjustments and postpartum care was the gift I didn’t know I wanted but desperately needed. I truly believe all mama’s deserve to be supported as they carry their children and by carry I mean in the womb as well as once they’ve made their way earth side. The strength and balance I felt after Terri’s visits, steered me through the most difficult parts of pregnancy and the whirlwind that was my first weeks home with baby. I feel that Terri’s care is unique to other midwifery and postpartum care in that she treats the whole person; body, mind, spirit, and emotional body. As a woman and mother, I felt heard and seen, something that mattered more than I can even express. Terri is a true healer, medicine woman and guide, we are so blessed to have her.
— Victoria
I started seeing Terri early in my pregnancy and she gently worked with me to stay present in my body. Throughout our months of prenatal visits, with Terri’s gentle guidance, my husband and I became ready to enter into parenthood together. When pregnancy complications arose, Terri helped me identify when I would need more medicalized care and she helped coordinate my team of medical providers and supported me during my hospital birth, my daughter’s two-week NICU stay, and my postpartum healing period. Even though our planned homebirth didn’t happen, I credit Terri with making me a much stronger and more present person. When I started seeing her, I was very anxious around my changing body. I would faint and throw up during simple blood draws! Now, I’m signed up to donate blood. I know this is a strange example of how far I’ve come with Teri’s guidance, but it is the most revealing one that comes to mind. She didn’t just prepare me to give birth, she helped me develop a well of inner strength and self-awareness which allows me to be the best parent I can be. My little family and I are so lucky to know her.
— emma
Terri is an amazing midwife. She came above and beyond for me. She was there for me from the moment I decided on a midwife. I saw her every week for the first trimester then more often as I got closer to the due date. Due to my water breaking early, we had a difficult decision to make about going to the hospital. I ended up going to the hospital of my own choice even though it was the last thing we wanted to do. Terri gave us the confidence to make the right choices for us. Terri was with me through out the whole process and even months later she made sure to visit me if she felt like there was a need. Terri was much more than a midwife for me she has become more like family. The genuine love and respect of women and the birth process along with her knowledge and experience she has with birthing makes her truly an one of a kind midwife. I feel so lucky that I met her for the birth of my son. She has made everything magical and beautiful even though I had a difficult birth. Thank you
Thank you for moving to Philadelphia from the Southwest there is no one like you Terri! If we were to have another child, I would choose Terri again without any doubt.
— rak and jacob