Alchemy Birth and Wellness offers wholistic postpartum care to the whole community no matter where the place of birth or with whom. Even for freebirthers! Having our loving and confident eye and listening ear available to you can bring loads of relief and help to guide you to remedy a situation, enhance healing and/or offer referrals as needed. We can modify the packages to fit your needs. House visits are our specialty! Wholistic care for the newborn and the postpartum healing.

Our postpartum care is exceptional. We will help you adjust to your new life using natural rhythms, remedies and suggestions. Start off parenting with confidence and support to ensure a balanced postpartum. Learn how to identify when you can use remedies and when you need to seek out more help. Build your natural remedy medicine chest and use the home remedies from your kitchen, get resources to support and enhance a natural lifestyle. 

We use herbal teas and tinctures, essential oils, flower essences, body balancing techniques and nutritional wholesome foods to enhance your healing and growth.

We offer extended care options a la carte to anyone in the community (see below for specific packages and one time appointments) to build in wellness checks, tune-ups and help in processing and identifying emotions. Check out the calendar for pop-up pay-what-you-can day and other places you can find us!

This is like having the postpartum care your great-grandmother had! Let me share with you the wisdom of the old traditions.

Care for the Mama or Birthing Person Can Include (as desired):

- Overall check-in on physical and emotional well-being
- Reassurance and/or when to seek more attention. Wholistic advice as needed
- Body balancing session (during the birth one can experience mis-alignments)
- Perineum support (perineum and/or suture check give herbal healing advice)
- Belly birth support (check scar and give herbal advice)
- Nutritional support (what to eat and why)
- Emotional support (identifying any postpartum anxiety/depression and providing support)
- Full range of laboratory tests available (if indicated or desired - most insurance accepted) 
- Blood pressure and pulse assessment (many things can be revealed through the pulse)
- Muscle testing for identifying weaknesses and body balancing offered if desired 

Referral when needed 

Care for the Baby or Babies Can Include (as desired):

- Breastfeeding support -25 years of offering support
- Weight check -Balancing weight gain with healthy eating and growth
- Checking skin rashes and blemishes -herbal advice, referral if needed
- Overall mood check-in -Body Balancing if needed, nutritional needs addressed and referrals if needed
- Body Balancing if needed -many babies while being birthed or while breastfeeding get something out of balance)

There will be plenty of time to ask questions about sleeping, feeding, teething, weaning, attachment, and any health concerns. 


The first 3 months after birth you will not only be taking care of your baby, you will be recovering physically and emotionally. Taking the time to do a simple routine for the first few months after birth can support you for years to come. 


In this box you will find remedies that you can use immediately after birth. Spray the wound spray around your room and place some lavender on your pillow, everyone will be calm when they enter the room! Ask for a cup of hot water and have a cup of wellness tea and/or chamomile tea. Have someone make a sitz bath with specially selected organic herbs to enhance your healing. You are told you will be the over the moon after giving birth but if you need help getting there, you will want to take a few drops of the “Balance” or “Stay” Flower Essences. You can use these safely anytime you need them. They will help you be in the present moment and bring you to your center. These times are precious and often full of emotions. They need to be honored and EVERYONE needs help at times. 

This is my offering to you. I give you a 8x8x8 box that comes with a lot of love and years of wisdom to help you heal into your new self.  Taking care of your new little one/s is one of the most amazing things you will do as a human being. Being a care taker means that you will need to address a multitude of things. Be ready for the experiences that are for sure to come!

$125 plus shipping


Postpartum care in you home for the first three weeks, then in our office through the first three months. Enhanced with an herbal healing box of all natural and specially selected herbs for optimal healing -emotionally and physically for you and your baby.

- 2 prenatal visits in person and one phone visit to get to know each other so that we can learn how we can support you post birth needs.
- 3 appointments in your home or in the hospital the first week 
- 2 appointments in your home the second week
- visits weekly in your home and/or my office until 6 weeks and then once month within the 4th trimester
- add on appointments as needed for an added fee.  

* a minimum of 10 appointments 
* on call 27/7 first two weeks and day time one call (10-6) after that
* on call up to 8 weeks. 

$1,650 includes healing box +$100 travel fee if out of 3 mile radius


Perfect for individuals birthing in the hospital, at a birth center or free-birthing who wish to supplement their care.

One time appointments can be arranged. $175 for a 1-2 hour house visit. Any where in the city, add $25 travel fee for out of the city range. Perfect for freebirthers or those who just have a few things that they want checked out (emotional support, peri and belly sutures check, breastfeeding support, mastitis, back or neck pain, weird or odd little behaviors of your newborn or strange feelings/sensations you are having!) but don’t need the care that the packages offer. add $125 for a postpartum healing box.

First Week Care Package includes:

-Two-in-Home Appointments

-Daily Check-Ins and On-call Phone/Text Support in the First Week (10am-6pm)

$275 +$25 travel fee out of 3 mile radius, includes a postpartum herbal healing box


Two Week Care Package includes:

-Four-In-Home Appointments

-Daily Check Ins and On-call Phone/Text Support 24/7 (10-8pm non-emergency) In the First Two Weeks

$550 + $75 travel fee out of 3 mile radius, includes postpartum herbal healing box