I see birth as a normal natural event. I trust the process. We work with you to achieve your goals. We will expect that you will educate and take responsibility for you and your babies wellbeing. You are at the center of the care. Birthing at home is a beautiful and magical option. We will help you to determine if we are a good fit for you and your family. This is very specialized care and we adapt to your environment and if we decided to work together we will meet regularly throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum to assess your health and your baby's well-being. We will follow up with you at 3 months, 6 months and at one year! All of our visits are individualized and last an hour to two hours. This allows ample time to discuss questions and help you make fully informed decisions. Our individualized and wholistic midwifery care provides time to discuss options, address fears, make preparations and build trust. We bring to you 30 years of herbal practice and 25+ years of midwifery knowledge. We have helped more than 1,400 women give birth and countless families stay healthy. You will find more information about our prenatal care, birth support, and postpartum care below.

Our hope for you is that you will have an undisturbed birth in a supportive and safe environment. We will hold that space for you.

See below for details of complete Wholistic Midwifery Package!

"I believe midwifery care plays an integral role in creating positive social change. This care supports the health of women, babies and families in assuring a positive, peaceful future in this country and globally" - Terri Simmons


Prenatal care with Terri can be about exploring the physical and the emotional components to pregnancy, clearing past trauma(s) and sorting through popular opinions and options that may or may not serve you. Unlocking (or supporting) your internal power and guide to help facilitate an in-power and em-powered birth experience! This includes wellness assessments for you and your developing baby with nutritional guidance and herbal support/suggestions for pregnancy as well as the postpartum period.

We will spend time on:
- getting to know what you want and how to support you
- diet and lifestyle support 
- body balancing (helping with aches and pains)
- emotional support (transitions, fears, and/or past trauma)

And if desired or indicated:
- laboratory testing
- blood pressure checks
- urine checks for protein, glucose, ph 
- glucose checks

Appointments are up to 2 hours and includes physical and hands on care if desired. $150 for anyone in the community who is seeking to complement care or freebirthing and want to ask questions and/or get a check-in for yourself or baby. $45 for assess card holders.

You will have ample time to ask questions.

home birth

We believe strongly that this is YOUR experience and that birth is a normal and natural physiological function of the human body. We do not see birth as a medical event. We trust this process completely and if you have doubts we will help you fill in the gaps so that you are able to connect fully to your power and seek the answers when you are unsure. We will discuss prenatally what forms of assessment you may want during your labor and birth. We offer the community standard of routine assessments but will adapt them to your individual needs and desires. In addition to routine assessments we offer supplemental assessment modalities including but not limited to pulse reading, body balancing and energetic space holding. For a complete list of these various modalities please see the Wellness Services page.


Our postpartum care is exceptional. We specialize in wholistic care not only before the birth but after as well. We offer expert care in your home for the first 3 weeks, and continue the care at our home office for another 3 weeks followed by visits at 3 months, 6 months and at 1 year for your annual wellness visit. You may hire us for additional visits. (See A La Carte and Wellness Services) These extended care options are offered to build in wellness checks, tune-ups and help in processing and identifying emotions. We also have pop-up pay-what-you-can days! (see calendar).


I will help you adjust to your new life using natural rhythms, remedies and suggestions. Start off parenting with confidence and support to ensure a balanced postpartum. Learn how to identify when you can use remedies and when you need to seek out more help. Build your natural remedy medicine chest and use the home remedies from your kitchen, get resources to support and enhance a natural lifestyle. 

I use herbal teas and herbal tinctures, essential oils, flower essences, body balancing techniques, and wholesome nutrition -using what I have learned from being an herbalist and midwife for more than 25 years.

This is like having the postpartum care your great-grandmother had! Let me share with you the wisdom of the old traditions.

Care for the Mama or Birthing Person Can Include (as desired):

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- Overall check-in on physical and emotional well-being
- Reassurance and/or when to seek more attention
- Body balancing session (during the birth one can experience mis-alignments)
- Perineum support (perineum and/or suture check give herbal healing advice)
- Belly birth support (check scar and give herbal advice)
- Nutritional support (what to eat and why)
- Emotional support (identifying any postpartum anxiety/depression and providing support)
- Full range of laboratory tests available (if indicated or desired - most insurance accepted) 
- Blood pressure and pulse assessment (many things can be revealed through the pulse)
- Muscle testing for identifying weaknesses and body balancing offered if desired. 

Referral when needed 

Care for the Baby or Babies Can Include (as desired):

- Breastfeeding support 
- Weight check
- Checking skin rashes and blemishes 
- Overall mood check-in 
- Body adjustment if needed (many babies while being birthed or while breastfeeding get something out of balance)

There will be plenty of time to ask questions about sleeping, feeding, teething, weaning, attachment, and any health concerns. 

Postpartum services are also available a la carte for anyone in the community.


The complete Home Birth Package is $5400 +$200 transportation fee out of 13 miles. *Ask about the Philly discount. We accept cash, check, Venmo and Paypal for payment.

- Individualized comprehensive prenatal care appointments (lasting 1-2 hours)

- On-call from 36 weeks until 43 weeks

- Informed consent -- all procedures will be fully explained with benefits, risks and options given

- Wholistic care involving herbs and nutritional counseling addressing the physical, psychological and social well-being  

- Personalized care during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum care in your home. You get to say how and where you birth

- A Postpartum Healing Box ( box of herbal remedies to enhance your healing)      

- Complete newborn assessment and breastfeeding support

- Birth registration and birth certificate

- Health insurance registration 

- Application for social security card 

 - Postpartum visits -- for you and your baby for 6 weeks after the birth (we will come to you the first three weeks and come as often as you need but at least three times the first week two times the second week (if desired and needed). Follow up appointments at 3, 6 and 1 year. That is a lot of care!

 - Annual well women/person care -- including lab work and complete physical exam