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Whether you had a natural, medicated, home birth, surgical birth, trauma can happen. This can be subtle or not so subtle and can hinder healing and possibly can be a barrier to loving and connecting with your new little one. You can be both grateful for your baby and your health and be upset about how you were treated or your birth outcome and your compromised health. Let’s work together to release the pain and fill you back up.

Whether you birthed yesterday or many moons ago it is never too late to heal from your birth experience. By identifying, accepting and letting go of unwanted emotions one gains clarity and understanding and can move forward in life with a calm and confident presence.

This can also be offered to a partner or family member, as secondary trauma can be experienced.

Trauma healing can also be done remotely. Call to schedule an appointment.

$75 in my office for one hour/$125 for two hours. Includes Wellness Tea. $45/$75 for access card holders.